Top 4 fatal mistakes, mistake #4

Buying from a company with limited resources.
When a company has limited resources, they will cut corners in the areas of the dialing platform and the database lists. These companies use VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) platforms for dialing to keep their costs low but, that technology has some serious pitfalls that become exaggerated when dialing thousands of numbers. Even though […]

Top 4 fatal mistakes, mistake #3

Buying from a small company or 1 man shop.
Many of the companies out in the market place are small or 1 man operators reselling another company’s service. In many cases, the customer service suffers in the smaller companies, since there is only 1 person to service all the clients. If that person is sick or has an emergency, it can […]

Top 4 fatal mistakes, mistake #2

Buying from a company with limited time or experience in the industry.
Many companies in the lead space are new to the business. They don’t have the experience necessary to know what things work and don’t work in these campaigns. They are testing new messages out on your dime. They will take money from you for a campaign that has no […]

Top 4 fatal mistakes, mistake #1

Buying from a company that sells time not transfers!
Many companies sell time on a dialer and not the transfers. You pay for EVERY call made, even if it’s an answering machine, no answer or busy signal!! They have no vested interest in making sure you get a great result from your campaign. They may give you an old or inaccurate […]

Telemarketing Tips For Our Program. Bonus Tip

Always look at the cost per acquisition rather than the cost per call/lead. If at the end of your campaign you have taken 300 leads, and you have closed 10 sales with an average profit of $500, you just made a 400% return on your investment. Some clients will say, “Only 10 sales from 300 leads”, but when you do […]

Telemarketing Tips For Our Program. Tip #5

Always build a rapport with your customers. There is nothing worse than a cold, pushy sales rep. Make sure you spend some time during your pitch to make the client feel special. It is also very important to show that you are truly interested in the questions they ask and the product or service that you are selling. […]