Live Lead Features

We Beat Any Price Guarantee!

Our new policy is we will beat any competitor's pricing, guaranteed.... We simply cannot be matched when it comes to live lead transfers.
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Web Based Lead Management

Turn Your Campaign ON or OFF In Real Time. Real Time Reports. Change your Scheduled Broadcast Hours...
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Free Database Usage

We offer our clients FREE usage of our entire database for use with our voice broadcasting service. 220 million + prospects...
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Live Transfer Call Recording

At no additional cost, we record ALL calls transferred to your office/call center to ensure your staff is doing their job...
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Live Lead Transfers Service

We transfer your live lead caller to any phone number in the U.S. and No per minute charges. Talk as long as you like...
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No Marketing Setup Fees

Our voice broadcasting system is the low cost leader in the Live Lead industry. Focussed on leads generation, sales growth...
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Lead Generation

LiveLeadZone has the largest and most efficient all digital calling platform in the USA. We help companies deliver high quality prospects to their phones instantly. If you are a one person operation, or a call center with hundreds of agents, we can help you drive sales. We bring interested customers to your phone(s) enabling you to skyrocket your sales overnight.

There is no better lead than an interested prospect on the line with you or your agent. By getting your company set up with a Live Lead Transfer campaign you can control your lead flow, set schedules for your inbound lead campaigns, and start getting leads right away.

Lead Success

We will help you identify the main point of your live lead transfer campaign. Live Lead Zone works hand in hand with your staff to ensure the total success of your live telemarketing lead campaign. Read 6 Critical Steps

LiveLeadZone can explode your business with our B2B Live Leads. We will produce customize campaigns, directing all traffic to your phones. Our B2B Live Leads gets an interested prospect on the phone and will then live transfer them to your phones when they show an interest in your product or services.

Our Business to Business leads targets the decision makers. We take care of the data lists and can pull by area, SIC code, amount of employees, revenue, position and many other selects. We have several different sources for data so that your list never gets stale and will always produce a successful B2B live leads campaign.

LiveLeadZone will help you with script development. You can choose from any of our recorded stock scripts or choose to have a new one recorded. We will help you formulate your b2b live leads script and get it ready for recording. Chose one of our premium recordings for free, ask your rep today.

B2B live leads can be controlled through our portal. You will have complete control when your leads come in. It’s like flipping on a light switch. We can make the thousands of calls for you and get them pre-qualified with our recorded script.

For producers who sell Final Expense Insurance Plans to their clients, Live Lead Zone can help you find new customers and grow your book of business. Our marketing efforts in the senior market place us squarely in front of seniors and their loved ones who are looking for insurance to cover funeral and other end of life expenses.

Many of our customers choose to buy Final Expense Insurance Leads for people over 50 years of age. Your age filter choices can be customized by us at any time. In general, Final Expense Leads and Burial Insurance leads have a high closing rate because the barrier to attaining a policy is relatively low.

The Obamacare open enrollment deadlines have created a huge demand for customers needing health care coverage. We are able to generate 1000′s of calls a day, directly to your phone, of people in need of health care coverage. Many of the customers have no idea that they qualify for tax credits that allow them to get coverage for less than $1 per month, giving you the opportunity to close 100′s of deals a day! We work with call centers and individual agents, so you can decide when and how many calls to take each day, right from your computer. You will be shocked at the volume of calls you can take each day because of the urgency that is created by deadline’s fines and penalties. Don’t miss the wave of opportunity of this once in a lifetime campaign.

Live Lead Zone is not a broker but a Health Insurance Lead Generation Agency. At Live Lead Zone, we generate our own leads, we don’t resell others leads or resell your leads to anybody else. Our number one goal is residual business, that means customer satisfaction comes first.

Do you want to improve the quality of your mortgage leads and close more loans? Now you can increase your margins by targeting only the types of mortgage leads you need. Live Lead Zone’s mortgage leads generation delivers a targeted list that provides you with the most commonly requested home/mortgage data selections. There’s no need to sort through hundreds of field selections. We’ve put all the data you need at your fingertips.

Individuals who purchased homes when the prevailing interest rate was high are prime targets for refinancing offers. This powerful mortgage leads list is ideal for banks, savings and loans, credit unions, mortgage originators and any organization looking for refinance or second-mortgage prospects. Our marketing experts can help you segment your list based on specific sales criteria—so you can get your message out to the right people.


Live Lead Zone helps you maximize the return on investment by providing greater insight into customers and prospects. We help marketers improve conversion on their mortgage leads and grow their business faster. Live Lead Zone Refinance Mortgage Leads campaigns are customized, so it’s your campaign. You are not in any rotation for calls and will not have to sit there for hours to get a call. You should start getting leads within minutes.

Live Lead Zone’s Medicare Leads program selectively targets baby-boomers and seniors reaching Medicare eligibility in your desired geographic area. We are having great success generating interest in medicare supplement quotes then Live Transferring them directly to your phone in Real-Time. With so many changes to Medicare this past year, funding disappearing for the advantage plans, and such large numbers of baby boomers entering the market searching for cost saving solutions, now is the time to sign up for our cost effective Live Transfer Medicare Leads.

Our Live Lead Transfer system gives you ability to control when the calls come in through our Live Lead web based interface, and our system is especially designed for agents who do most of their business over the phone. Our Live Lead team is always here to service your account and provide the highest quality exclusive Live Transfer Medicare Leads along with top notch service.

Our direct Reverse Mortgage Leads program will allow you to target seniors 62 and over, searching for money to finance a home improvement, pay off their current mortgage or supplement their retirement income. Because many of our prospects are experiencing financial challenges, a majority may have a sense of urgency motivating them to fully benefit from a Reverse Mortgage program.

Senior based campaigns have a high success rate because a majority of seniors are retired, home during office hours with home phones and willingly ANSWER their phones when you call. As a result these campaigns are extremely efficient and effective, allowing you to stay busy with live transfers ALL DAY LONG!

Home Security leads are a snap with our automated technology. We are able to target Homeowners that are interested in a Home Security system and deliver them immediately to your phone. Prospects can be screened for income, FICO score, age and geographic location. We can even target all the way down to the zip code or radius from a centralized zip code insuring you get the very best performance from your campaign.

Medical pendants have also become a hot commodity lately with many Baby Boomers turning 65 and older. Using our age filtering feature, you can call on these seniors throughout the day and target your Home Security customers later in the evening when they are home from work, giving you the maximum exposure and keep your agents busy day and night!!

Live Lead Zone is not a broker but a home security lead generation agency. At Live Lead Zone we generate our own leads, we don’t resell others’ leads or resell your leads to anybody else. Our number one goal is residual business, that means customers satisfaction comes first.

Looking for Tax Settlement Leads? Live Lead Zone has a unique data filtering system that will get these individuals live on the phone when you want them. Live Lead Zone pre-qualifies clients by demographics during the setup process targeting the qualified prospects you want. These prospects have expressed interest in getting help with their tax debt issues and are then live transferred directly to your phone.


The tax live lead transfer represents taxpayers, qualified based on tax debt, type of tax debt, income to contribute, with an interest in speaking to a tax settlement representative. The conversations between the transfer agent and prospect as well as the transfer agent and the sales representative are recorded through the end of the sales conversation and the phone number is logged in an admin panel that comes with the campaign. This type of tax campaign is organized, scheduled and effective. Companies that purchase tax live transfers close deals and avoid the hassle and time chasing down prospects. Our tax settlement live transfer clients report that they do exceptionally well when the bulk of their time is spent selling their service as opposed to lead development.

Live Lead Zone is not a broker but a Tax Settlement Leads Generation Agency and we generate our own leads. We don’t resell others leads or resell your leads to anybody else. Our number one goal is your residual business, that means customers satisfaction comes first.

We have the highest customer reorder rate on these leads than any other in our 10 year history!! Give these leads a try today and you wont be disappointed!

oan Modification is one of our longest running campaigns and certainly one of the most popular with our customers . We are able to target distressed homeowners interested in obtaining financial aid to help them to stay in their home. Calls are sent immediately to your phone and can be targeted by state, county, zip and area code. We are even able to filter the loan amount and income level of the prospect, so you can be assured the lead is viable. Many firms are also able to cross sell additional services like, Foreclosure Defense, Debt Settlement, Bankruptcy, Credit Repair and Tax Settlement all from this one lead source. Take advantage of the amazing, time tested program TODAY!

Live Lead Zone is not a broker but a Loan Modification Lead generation agency. At Live Lead Zone we generate our own leads, we don’t resell others leads or resell your leads to anybody else. Our number one goal is residual Business, that means customers satisfaction comes first.

Mobile Device Facts

There are 318 million people in the US and 328 million registered mobile phone numbers making America one of the highest number of cell phone users in the world.

90% of adults have a cell phone and 67% of cell owners find themselves checking their phone for messages, alerts or calls-even when they don’t notice their phone ringing or vibrating!

The increase in the use of cell phones amongst Americans has resulted in the decrease of traditional communication methods, which has created a dilemma for many organizations. It has become more difficult to connect with people to gather and share information.

This poses a significant challenge to industries that need to connect to individuals, such as research departments, financial institutions, governments, schools, health care organizations, insurance agencies, just to name a few.

Catch 22

The current laws regulate who can call us directly on our cell phones, which is great. After all, who wants to hear their cell phone constantly ringing and being subject to expensive charges every time we answer!

Here’s the Catch 22: if people are overwhelmingly using their cell phone to communicate and key industries are restricted from contacting cell phones, then how are consumers going to receive key information?

This is where cutting edge technology designed and pioneered by LiveLeadZone is beginning to take shape and is revolutionizing how organizations reach their targeted audience.

Introducing Ringless Voicemail Drops, also known as Direct Voicemail Messaging. Imagine the ability to drop a voicemail message directly into a subscriber’s voice mailbox without ever making a call or ringing their phone line.

The subscriber is never bothered or charged for a call. Ringless Voicemail Drops are 100% legal and have been specifically designed to be a non-intrusive form of communication. This voicemail service has also been developed to be compliant with all federal laws and regulations.

Our Technology

Our proprietary M7.7RVM software creates a land line to landline session directly to the telephone company’s voicemail server. There is never contact between the message provider and the subscriber. It is essentially computer to computer communication.

Our voicemail messaging allows an organization to legally contact an individual by dropping a voicemail directly into an individual’s voicemail inbox, without making a call or ringing the person’s phone line.

How Are Ringless Voicemail Drops Legal?
Ringless Voicemail Drops is legal based on a few major points:

  1. The FCC has defined voicemail and voicemail services as an Enhanced Information Services and has chosen not to regulate these enhanced services (The Telecommunications Act of 1996).
  2. Our direct voicemail messaging service creates a direct session to the telephone company’s voicemail server.
  3. We never directly call the recipient. Therefore, there is no direct contact and the subscriber is never charged for the call.

Telecommunication Legislation and Regulations

Cell phones are protected through federal and state tele- communications laws and regulations. For example, the TCPA, the National Do Not Call Registry, state-by-state robocall laws and a host of other regulations from the FTC and the FCC.
However, voicemail and voicemail services have been purposely excluded from these laws and regulations and have been left exempt from FTC and FCC laws and regulations.

Voicemail Defined: Enhanced Information Services

In 1980, the FCC formed the Computer Inquiry II (CEll), which formed rules and regulations for the computer communications industry. CEll purposely defined the difference between Basic Information Services and Enhanced Information Services.

Basic services from common carriers are direct transmissions over traditional telco paths, such as direct phone calls. Enhanced information services use advanced and/or enhanced computer applications to transmit information. The definition for enhanced information services later included transmissions such as
email, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoiP), voicemail and voicemail services.

This classification is very important since subsequent telecommunications laws and regulations applied to basic services, while exempting or excluded mentioning (or excluding mention) of enhanced information services.

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Our Clients don’t have to waste time chasing down cold business leads. We make their phones ring with only genuinely interested leads. Time is money, and our business leads save our clients both by eliminating cold-calling and providing the best ROI.