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Live Lead Process

Concept Development

Identify the main selling point of your lead process transfer campaign. Our team will work hand in hand with your staff to ensure both parties have the most successful concept. Are you trying to introduce a new product or service to your existing customers, or are you offering your products or services to a new client base? Either way, our streamlined solutions will deliver results.


Inbound sales agents must understand the most effective way to field these types of lead process transfer calls. This is absolutely necessary and should not be overlooked. When a call is transferred to your office the last thing your sales representative should say is “How can I help you?” You already know how to help them, and this starts the call off on negative basis. We will work with your sales staff to get them ready to yield the highest number of conversions possible.

Message Recording

You must move beyond simply delivering a message. You must create an emotional reaction that demands an immediate response. We have a large database of generic greetings in a variety of different industries, or you can write your own script for us to record, all free of charge. Our system uses the highest quality audio capable of being played over telephone lines (64kbps/sec).

Data Selection

We control an internal database of over 250 Million numbers nationwide. We provide our clients with access to our optin business database or consumer database free of charge. Our team carefully coordinates with our clients to leverage proprietary data for maximum return on your lead transfer campaign. Our data is the best in the industry, and we scrub it on a weekly basis for maximum efficiency.


Our team closely monitors the lead call reports, while our intricate system of checks and balances ensures flawless call execution and transfer on every single phone call. Our data center can provide all the bandwidth necessary for a high volume of lead transfers while still maintaining a perfect quality message on every call. We have reporting tools in place that allow us to adjust your campaign settings to ensure we reach maximum efficiency for every dollar you spend.

Lead Transfer Optimizing and Analyzation

Our live lead process advanced digital platform allows us to record ALL transferred calls for quality control. Together with our comprehensive lead transfer reporting system, we provide an enormous amount of data for analysis by top management. Our lead transfer reporting system provides data on: Exactly how many lead calls were transferred. What were their phone numbers? How long they were they spoken to. What hours of the day were most responsive? What days of the week were most responsive? What were the most responsive areas? What percentage of lead call transfers were spoken to for over a minute. Over 5 minutes. Once your lead transfer results are analyzed, there are dramatic increases in campaign performance that keep our customer retention rate at over 85%.

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Our Clients don’t have to waste time chasing down cold business leads. We make their phones ring with only genuinely interested leads. Time is money, and our business leads save our clients both by eliminating cold-calling and providing the best ROI.